Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy 40th Anniversary

Yesterday was a very important day for the Cowan family. So I decided to hop on here and congratulate my parents on celebrating forty wonderful years together. In speaking on behalf of our entire family, we are so eternally grateful for the decision you made to be married forty years ago. We have always felt your love for one another, and for each of us. You have sacrificed so much, in order to provide the best life possible for each of us. I thought I'd share this quote from President Hinckley:

"I believe in the family where there is a husband who regards his companion as his greatest asset and treats her accordingly; where there is a wife who looks upon her husband as her anchor and strength, her comfort and security; where there are children who look to mother and father with respect and gratitude. " President Gordon B. Hinckley

Thank you for setting such a wonderful example of how to make a marriage work.......and last forever. We love you!

*I often find myself wondering what I did to deserve this family. I guess this is my chance to let each of you reading this know, just how much I love you. Now sit back and enjoy these awesome pictures from 1969!

This picture was taken in December 2008. Four kids, two son-in-laws, two daughter-in-laws, and twelve grandkids's amazing how things can change in forty years!