Sunday, November 30, 2008


I'm so excited for Christmas to get here now. I loved decorating yesterday and I got most of it done. I do need to find a topper for this tree and I am going to look for some kind of a small tree to decorate for the nice living room too. I want to find something to do in blue and brown to match in there. Doesn't that sound fun?

After I got all done, I really wanted to call Mom and have her come see it. I know how much she loved decorating for Christmas and she always liked to see what the rest of us had. I have Mom to thank for some of my most favorite and treasured Christmas decorations. I love getting them out and remembering that it was Mom and Dad that gave them to me.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Day 08


The four Matrons of the family

The baby

Here are a couple of pictures I took from our Thanksgiving dinner at Channing's sister Andrea's house in Pleasant Grove. She is so good to have it at her house every year since her mother has passed away. She has kind of taken on the role of mother in that family, and I love her dearly. She is always looking out for the rest of us. Does it scare anybody else besides me that I am the oldest person at this dinner. All of us have lost our parents (except Channing's Dad, but him and his wife go to Wendover every year for Thanksgiving) Can you believe that?Besides the adults, there were 3 teenagers and 1 baby, Derrick, who is Parker's one year old son.
We also stopped by the White House for pie later on. Thanks Shannon for the pie and the dressing!
I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Day. Now. . . .let's get busy getting ready for Christmas. Yaaaayyy

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Look!

How do you like the festive new look of the blog? I had Kaitlyn jazz it up a bit for the holidays. You know me, I love to decorate. We gave Kaitlyn the old computer from the station and boy is she having fun with it. Thanks, Kaitlyn for doing such a great job. If there's something you want changed she can do that. Are the text colors ok? Leave a comment if you want changes made.

Has everyone got their baking done for the big day tomorrow? I'm just starting on the dressing and when I do that it brings back memories of Mom making one extra casserole dish just for Jan to take home to bake. Was she spoiled or what? It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without this yummy dressing recipe, I find myself doing this for Kira now. It's one her favorites.

My heart is feeling full right now with all the wonderful blessings we have been blessed with as a family this year, you as my brothers and sisters are one of them. What would we do without family. I added two new grandbabies this year, Jacob graduated from USU and found a good job in Idaho and we had the honor of escorting Kaitlyn and Mike to the temple. There is so much more to be thankful for too. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, and be safe in your travels to and from. Love, Shannon

P.S. What happend to our shopping trip?

Friday, November 14, 2008


Take a good look at the picture I have posted of me at work because you will never see me in that spot again. I'm not kidding either. After 20 years of working at the Utah County Attorney's Office, I voluntarily terminated my employment. Ok, so you are probably thinking how stupid am I for leaving 10 years before my retirement. But, in case you haven't heard they are seriously talking about layoffs with the County and our Department is one being cut a little. I have the most seniority of any secretary there and almost more than any attorneys there too also so I was not in jeapardy of losing my job. But. . .the county did offer an incentive to get us old timers out of there, and I just couldn't resist. You all know I have loved my job and enjoyed so many people I worked with. But, it really is such a stressful nonstop job that never ends. And some of the things I deal with on a daily basis can start getting depressing. After 20 years of that, I was beginning to not enjoy my job as much (I mean, the whole reason we go to work is to have fun, right?) lol.

This is something I have been considering for awhile now and wanting to look for a part-time job. But, I just figured I would stick it out another 10 years. But when this opportunity came, I decided it was an answer to my prayers. I had until December 26 to choose this, but it only took me a couple days to decide and I knew it was just what I've been waiting for. And I knew if I did it right away I could have the entire Holiday season off. How cool is that?

My severence pay will be enough to get us by, but not enough to go to the mall every day or travel the world, and I would go crazy if I were home all the time. So after the Holidays I will look for something part time.

I am feeling so blessed and fortunate that the only reason I can even take advantage of this offer is because I own my home. I have been a little sad and happy about this decision and went back and forth on what to do. Then it just hit me. I'm in this great position only because of my wonderful loving parents and all they have done for me my whole life. Not just that I own my home, but the way they rasied me to learn and be responsible and work. And I knew quitting this job would make me a much happier person and that is what they would want for me.

So, I'm going to have to find something to keep me busy till Christmas other than shopping. It might be tearing down wallpaper and painting. Starting with the bedroom and bathroom. Channing was just THRILLED knowing I would be coming up with all kinds of projects for him.