Monday, February 16, 2009

Introducing the newest member of the Thomas family

Ethan Ryan Harris
Look how dang cute he is.   We are so happy for you Amber and Ryan!  

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ultrasound Pictures

Here are the ultrasound pictures I promised. The top picture shows a set of identical babies, and the bottom picture is of two fraternal babies. It' all a little surreal, don't you think?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In Keeping With This Weeks Theme - - GRANDPARENTS

Channing and I will soon be members of that club.  Yes. . . Rachelle is going to have a baby.   I can't say I wasn't a bit surprised when we heard this news and a little worried that she will only be 17 when the baby comes. . . .. I have to admit. . . any baby news. . is happy news.  Channing says it is all my fault because I have been telling him how much I would love to be a Grandma, and now I am going to be.     I have been saying for the last 6 months how good Rachelle has been doing since she has had this steady boyfriend, Luis.  She has been doing so much better in school and he brings her to visit us about three times a week.  So we have become a lot closer with her and see her much more than we do Eric and Breanna.    So yes, I have to admit, this is something I am looking forward to even if it's not quite the right timing.     

Monday, February 9, 2009

News from Blake and Deb

Hi All. Blake here. I hope you won't mind if I catch you up on our lives. There has been a lot happening and we have certainly been blessed in many ways.

We had a great Christams. Everyone came over on Christmas day and we really enjoyed eating, opening presents, eating, visiting and eating. Deb's youngest, Megan, surprised us by announcing that she is expecting. She's due sometime in September. The roads were extremely bad out here in Shangri La on Christmas night so everyone decided to stay, and we had an impromptu sleep over. We had bodies, blankets and pillows everywhere and everyone had a great time. Deb's mom started feeling ill on Christmas day and wound up coming down with the flu. I'm sure you can guess that almost everyone else got sick 2 days later when all had returned to their homes.

While Deb's mom was with us for a few days, she told us that she had decided to let us do Deb's dad's temple work. Now this is certainly exciting, but to really understand the impact you have to know that Deb's mom and dad were both inactive and really hadn't had anything to do with the church since they were children. In fact, at times, they had been hostile to the church. She also told us that she has started to go to church and is, herself, planning to go to the temple, and is now attending the temple preparation class.

It was a real blessing and an honor last week for me to act as proxy as we performed Deb's father's temple work in the Ogden Temple. When Deb and I hold hands and pray together each evening, these are the sorts of things we ask of our Heavenly Father.

At times it has been a bit lonely for Deb to be the only active member in her family, but that hasn't stopped her from living the gospel to the best of her ability and being the best example to her children and grandchildren that she can possibly be. I have to believe that a good example is the best of all missioinary tools. When the grandkids drive past a temple, they always say "Look! There's Grandma's temple."

Deb's son Jeremy and his wife Cari have such a beautiful little family and have often said that someday they'll start going back to church. In November, CJay, their oldest, turned 9. He had been curious about baptism as he had heard his friends talk about it and had even attended the baptism of one of his friends. Out of the blue, the Bishop of that ward and the full-time missionaries were praying for guidance about people they should visit in their ward, and remembered that the Elders Quorum had helped Jeremy and Cari move in a couple of years ago, and decided to knock on their door one evening. We don't believe this was a coincidence.

They all started taking the missionary discussions with the goal of CJay being baptized. They have been attending church and getting close to the members of their ward, and about three weeks ago I had the opportunity to ordain Jeremy to the office of a Priest so that he could baptize CJay, which happened the week before the Super Bowl. CJay asked me to confirm him a member of the church, which touched me very deeply. Again, I reiterate, that these are the things Deb and I pray for each night.

I have been so blessed to find Deb and to be married to her. She is my best friend, my biggest cheerleader and the sunshine in our home. I am blessed by the way her children and grandchildren have accepted me and treat me like one of their own.

Finally, Megan had an ultrasound today and sent us pictures. I had never seen pictures like she emailed to us. The reason they looked so different is because there is more than one baby. In fact, there are more than TWO babies! And even more than THREE! Megan is expecting QUADRUPLETS! Believe me when I say that this is NOT something Deb and I pray for, but now we will be praying very earnestly for the health of Megan and the babies, and ask you to please keep them in your prayers as well. When I remember to email the pictures from work to home I'll blog them for you.

Well, enough already. I'm sure you're tired of this long epistle so I'll close now. Please know that we love each of you and miss seeing you. Let's get together when the weather warms up. Maybe we can christen our new deck with a barbecue. All our best, Blake and Deb.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grandpa and Grandma Thomas

The next generation.   I told Lane and Annette I was share their exciting baby news.    Their first grandchild was born on Friday, February 6.    Baby Ethan was delivered by C-Section at 2:20 P.M.. Weighing 7 lb 11 oz, 20 inches long.   No pictures yet but Annette told me she would get us some.  Lane is coming home from Logan today and Annette is staying all week.  Amber and Ethan are both doing great.    Grandma Thomas said he is an adorable baby.